AWS Solutions

Gemicorn is a Cloud Assured solutions and services company primarily focus on moving enterprise workloads to the cloud.

AWS Solutions

AWS Solutions

We have been helping several large enterprises, SMBs, ISVs and start-ups to embrace cloud Solutions. We do cloud consulting services including readiness assessment, migration, implementation, cloud managed services and cloud review audits to help companies leverage the business value and benefits offered by on-demand computing.

Why Cloud?


The cloud presents a great opportunity for you and your organization. In order to drive growth in today’s fast-paced market place, a comprehensive and adept IT infrastructure is needed. This means the time has come for you to shift from legacy infrastructures and embrace the cloud.

Our Approach


We provide an end-to-end cloud consulting services for a rapid cloud adoption to help you achieve business objectives 10x faster.

The Advantage : With minimal or no user downtime, the types of services and applications that can be

Windows and Linux Servers

Mail servers, ERP, CRM

SQL Server, SharePoint

Exchange, Oracle, SAP, MySQL

Migrate from Physical Servers to Virtual Servers

Migrate from aging infrastructure to new infrastructure

Region 2 Region Failover

SAP on Cloud Solution Approach

SAP on Cloud Solution Approach

Our Expertise

Cloud Services

Managed Service Levels

We aspire to deliver a value system to the customer with excellent quality and cost effectiveness and with a focus on speed