cloud computing

Our Cloud assured solutions and services primarily focusses on moving enterprise workload to the cloud. We do Cloud consulting services including readiness assessment, migration, implementation, cloud managed services and Cloud review audits to help companies leverage the business value and benefits offered by On-demand computing. We define Enterprise Cloud Strategy with ROI and TCO models and provide a complete roadmap of architecture.

cloud computing



Our managed services and solutions give you everything you need to ensure success before, during and post deployment. Our key expertise in SAP Deployment, complete exposure to Open stack architecture helps in providing an end to end cloud consulting services. This helps organizations to achieve business objectives rapidly.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Some of our key Cloud services includes:


Types of services are Standard, Premium and Enterprise depending upon the deliverables. Get DICED with us for more details.

Enterprise DevOps Transformation

Adopting a DevOps culture is essential for enterprises seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.


One of the key advantage of Gemicorn’s solution for DevOps is the availability of combined expertise in Cloud, SAP, Open Stack, VMWare and Software Development.


Gemicorn’s DevOps expertise, helps to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations.

DevOps tools achieve vastly improved functionality in configuration management automation:

Standard tools make sure that all applications of the company follow the same configuration automation process.

This removes the need for dependence on any single individual to maintain the configuration automation scripts. Tools are sophisticated ensuring control over execution, timing of scripts, scripting based on parameters, etc

Extended functionality of these DevOps tools ensures complete usage over the entire application lifecycle, development, testing, delivery, etc.

DevOps tools find usage across the entire software industry, making them more capable and extended than single-user scripts.

They are mostly open-source or nominally priced, and they are publically available, making them better than proprietary tools or scripts.

These benefits are essential for any organization, and they should look for configuration management tools like these to improve the business agility of their applications and products.