Viraat Solutions has merged with Gemicorn, a company, which has been providing Management Consulting, IT Software Support Services & Project Management Solutions, HR Consulting for US Geographies since 2012. Gemicorn will continue to provide IT Support Solutions and Project Management Support services to its existing and new customers, as a part of its portfolio, building the current technologies using DICE framework on top of it wherever required.

IT Project Management Services



Project Management is often overlooked in the design stages, but it is the driving force behind successful project completion. Managing the project scope, organizing people and resources and ensuring successful delivery both on time and on budget is critical to the success of any project.

Gemicorn provides a highly experienced Program and Project Managers who will support your PMO to run a project with a most efficient and an optimized manner. We have a specialized team of Architects, Agile Scrum Masters, Project Management Specialists & System integrators. We specialize in

Augmenting resources

When demand exceeds capacity, Gemicorn can provide staffing shortages, right from Business Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers

Managing End to End Program / Project

When it comes to mission critical and strategic projects, Gemicorn can help you providing consulting services to run your program or projects without any deviation / delays.

Complimenting skillset shortages

Gemicorn can complement with our expertise in those areas where you don’t have the expertise. We can also help better manage key resource dependency issues.

Trouble shooting

Gemicorn consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.

IT Software Support Services


With the advent of rapidly changing technologies with multiple options to run a cost effective IT function, one needs an expert who has a wider exposure to all the existing and emerging technologies. Not all the enterprise will have a time and money to keep up to these challenges rather concentrating on their core business.Our IT consulting services help businesses develop a competitive advantage by providing assistance and guidance to allow business owners better understand and leverage the potential of technology trends and enable them to make informed decisions for their businesses at every stage of the business.


Our technological expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes equip our consultants with tools and approaches to tackle complex situations that businesses encounter. The main goal is business operations optimization, better cost & resource efficiency and gaining an advantage over the competition.

Consulting Services


New Business Start ups or expansion of the existing business – Suggesting the best alternatives required for an organization considering both the current and future situations, using the latest and emerging technologies.


Upgrading current IT Infrastructure -This includes integration with legacy infrastructure as well as the handling of other complex business modules.


Outsourcing Management – to concentrate on their core competence and primary business objectives, while delegating non-core processes such as managing the IT support services

Software Prototype Outsourcing


Gemicorn helps enterprises to develop a software prototype. Prior to developing any software platform or products, it is imperative to develop a prototype for the following reasons:


Helps to avoid development risk in terms of misunderstanding in the requirements


Helps to deliver or build the software platform / applications on time without any delay thereby controlling the cost


Prototype helps in finalizing the complete requirements


Prototype will have a clickable framework version which helps customer to have a feel of the final version of the software including the GUI


Gemicorn Software Support also provides other support services right from small enterprise to a larger corporation. We have capabilities to manage and provide support to all products of Microsoft and Open Source technologies.

Other Support Services

Analysis of existing applications

Identification of suitable technology and platforms

Replacement of obsolete applications through fresh development or integration of established products

Migration of applications to the new platform

Design, development, and integration of the new environment

New product installation services

Software installation

Day-to-day operations support

Application upgrades and improvements such as managing major release of software

Maintenance and Management of Office 365, AD, SharePoint and other Microsoft related products and web application

Advantage with Gemicorn


Our DICE model will help your organization to reap the benefit of getting the consulting services on all the latest and emerging technologies both on upgrading your IT function as well getting the cost benefit. Customers also get the following services such as:


ERP services

Data Analytics

Solutions on Enterprise Mobility

Cloud based services