Data warehousing

Data warehousing can help organizations make intelligent decisions to advance their business goals. Evolving the data warehouse to meet the changing business demands requires agility and expertise.

Data warehousing

Data warehousing

Outsourcing Data Warehouse Support as a delivery model is similar to application support which helps organizations to reduce costs, gain greater control over service levels and enable IT management and internal subject matter experts to focus on matters of greater strategic importance.



Greater scale and complexity : A data warehouse tends to serve a wider audience than a standard operational system, such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning or billing applications, resulting in the need to address requirements for cross-domain data integration. Thus, more attention to governance is required, along with acceptable standardization for data, processes, security, business intelligence tools and architecture.


Specialized domain knowledge : Such a complex environment requires a solid understanding of both the technical domain and the business reality behind the data. It demands a keen understanding of how the data warehouse was assembled, the resulting structure, and the business-semantic interpretation of the stored data.


Unique system development lifecycle : Just as with building a data warehouse, supporting one takes a specialized lifecycle that is especially reliant on collaboration between business and technical teams.


Faster pace of change : User demands for data warehouses grow and change more rapidly than with typical applications. The more data users get, the more they do with it. The more they do with it, the more they want. Continuous change and improvement is an imperative.



Key Deliverables


Designing, Modeling and Building Data warehouse, Data Migration, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing and development of ETL Mappings. Creating simple and quick actionable Data Visualization, Multi-Dimensional Cubes for Analysis, Dashboards, Reports and Real-Time Monitoring. We have the capabilities in developing solutions using Open Source as well as Commercial software.


Gemicorn leverages its expertise in SAP practice in providing solutions, creating an environment for seamless flow of  transactions, improved efficiency of operations and optimized performance.


Our SAP practice provides total solutions covering the full life cycle of your projects including Project PreparationImplementation and Post-Implementation services.



Our offshore support also includes :


Corrective Maintenance including managing Legacy interfaces

Adaptive Maintenance

Enhancement work such as ABAP en

Production in terms of Performance Monitoring, DB backups etc.

SAP HANA Key Offerings :


Application Consulting

Technology Consulting

Instance Sizing

Business Objects Data Services (BODS)

Business Object Business Intelligence 4.0 (BOBI)

Business Warehouse / Business Intelligence (BW/BI)

Business One on HANA

Data Science and Machine Learning


We are focusing on creating a unique eco systems which comprises of Head of Departments of Mathematics &Operational Research from Universities and Technology Specialist with Mathematical Degree background who can understand and build algorithms quickly. We heavily use Python, R, RStudio and AzureML. Our engineers are familiar with Gage R&R and other Statistical Predictive Model techniques.